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"Marítim Ingredients – “Bomba” Rice”

At Maritim, we only use the best ingredients to offer our clients tasty and quality dishes.

Our main menu includes rice, a main dish in the Mediterranean diet, which we prepare in different ways to suit all tastes; for example, the Marítim Seafood Paella, Rice a banda (paella in which the fish is served separately) with crayfish broth from the coast and Black rice with squid (paella cooked in squid ink) are some of our proposals.

All these dishes have a common denominator, one of our secrets, the rice. We use only the “bomba” rice that brings us from the Delta del Ebro or Pals to Maritim.

The “bomba” rice, originally from the area of the Delta of the Ebro, is well known and used in the kitchen by his round grain, which facilitates the absorption of the liquid.

Come to Marítim to taste our variety of Mediterranean recipes and discover why it’s rice one of our best secrets!